There are a huge variety of cultural and nature-based activities to do in the area. Here’s our complete guide!

In and Around Salinas

Salinas has loads of activities for the independent traveller, with unique landscapes, culture and gastronomy:

Inside Salinas

  • Milk Delivery: Arrive at 6-8am at the Cheese factory and you will see local people and their llamas, delivering their milk which is such a vital aspect of Salinas' economy
  • Local Factories: Check out the local businesses producing high quality products, perfect gifts to take home:
    • Chocolate
    • Cheese
    • Textiles
    • Dried Mushrooms & Fruit
    • Essential oils
    • Artesanel Liquor
    • and more!
  • Culumpio ($1): Jump on the giant swing to get a birds-eye view of the town
  • Restaurants: There are many restaurants in town, serving speciality dishes of products made here right in Salinas, such as:
    • Pizza
    • Fodue
    • Traditioncal Andean Dishes
  • Tuesday Market: The town's weekly market is the businest days of the week, with local traders and street vendors selling food and other essentials
  • Festivals: There are several festivals throughout the year to come along to, when the town really comes alive:
    • Los Reyes (Jan): Costumes and Dance in the square from 30 communities of Salinas
    • Carnaval (Feb/Mar): Annual carnaval celebrations with traditional food, drink, Taita Carnaval, BIG celebration!
    • Sporting events (Aug): Downhill biking, running
    • Cheese Festival (Nov): Music, talks, sports and (of course) cheese from the communities involved with producing cheese
    • Christmas & Semana Santa (Dec): Christian celebrations

Hikes and Viewpoints

  • Salt Mines: In full view of the town, visit the salt pools where Salinas gets its name
  • Caída de Sol (2hrs/evening): One of the most spectacular sunsets you will see in your life. Hire a camioneta on a clear day ($5-8)
  • The 2-Storey Cave, Lake of Sacred Dreams and the Cross (2 hours): Heading uphill through the gorge with steep cliffs, you pass through a hidden pool decorated with native plants and flowers. Further up, climb up to the second floor of a giant cave and return via the cross that overlooks the town.
  • Quindimuncho Panorama (1 hour): A short, steep climb up the hill overlooking the cheese factory gives you a fantastic view of Salinas and surrounding hillside
  • Ecoaldea Samiyacu (1 hour/$1pp): Visit a local Permaculture project 10 minutes walk from town and learn about natural building priniciples and maintaining native ecosystems
City of Guaranda

  • Museum 'La Guitarra': Find out what Guaranda is best known for and who is Taita Carnaval
  • Statue and Museum 'Indio Guaranga': A giant statue of an indigenous figure where Guranda is thought to get its name, along with a historic museum with artefacts from the last 100 years.
  • Las Coachas Lake: Take a 30 minutes bus ride into the country to see a large artificia lake, complete with a swimming pool (sauna, jacuzzi [$4pp]) and a beautiful café, 'La Guilena'
  • Local Food: Try the local 'tortillas de trigo' and other local dishes at the Saturday market and other recommended cafés: 7 Santos, La Estancia & El Tomasito
Around Chimborazo

  • Chimborazo: Reach the point on Earth closest to the sun and feel the magnificence of this powerful volcano
  • Polylepis Forest: One of the highest native forests in Ecuador, feel feels magic and ancient
  • Temple Machay Cave: Walk to an ancient cave where indigenous ceremonies have been held at the foot of Chimborazo Volcano
  • Hot Springs: 30 minutes from the refuge, warm up in natural springs ($1pp)

Guided Tours

For those with an adventurous spirit and/or who want to the inside knowledge of the natural, historical and cultural aspects of Salinas and the surrounding areas, we offer the following tours:

  • Chimborazo Volcano Hike (1 Day, $30pp [min 3])
  • Salinas Factory Tour (1/2 Day, $5pp [min 3])
  • Salinas – Chazojuan Hike [subtropics] (2 Days, 1 Night, $45.90pp [min 2])
  • Indigenous Market at Simiatug (Tuesdays, $30pp)
  • Becoming a Campesino (1 Day)
Vicuñas Chimborazo

For more information or to book please contact:
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